All schools within the Diocese of Dallas use a tuition model, but because we believe in the transformational future that Catholic education provides, those costs are highly subsidized by churches, local foundations, non-profits and endowments.

The Diocese works to create affordable payment plans and robust financial aid packages that aim to keep parental contributions for those with the most financial need to below 10% of their gross income. While families must always contribute something, we do everything in our power to ensure that if there is a will to have a Catholic education that we will provide a way.

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The Diocese provides upwards of $1.2 million in direct, need-based financial aid each year. Diocesan contributions are directed toward schools and parishes with extraordinary need that are not served by other outside resources.

Parishes provide, collective and on average, an additional $7 million in aid directed toward cost reductions and affordability, typically directed toward their parishioners.

The three diocesan high schools collectively offer $5 million in aid to help families afford a Catholic High School education.

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Even though the Diocese as a whole is investing $13.2 million in schools each year, our commitment to affordability is not yet realized. We are working on programs that would limit tuition in areas where the median income is below the federal poverty line to no more than 7.5% of a family’s gross income – and we are committing an additional $15 million in endowment funds to help accomplish this goal over the next 5 years.

Diocesan Scholarships are not the only way to help finance a Catholic School Education. The Diocese also partners with the Catholic Foundation, the Jethsuby Scholarship Fund, targeted local donors and a number of local foundations.


To be a partner in Catholic Education, you can give in one of three ways:

  • The impact fund
    Given through the Golf Tournament, these funds immediately become a scholarship for coming school year.
  • The endowment fund THE ENDOWMENT FUND
    Managed through DEET, these funds are sustaining to families with the most financial need within areas of high need in Dallas
  • Specialized donor funds
    Given for specific groups of students, these funds are meant to impact a donor passion within specific contexts.