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   Dr. Matthew Vereecke Superintendent
Dear Future Catholic High School Family,
Within the Diocese of Dallas, we have two very important goals for Catholic schools: we want to make sure that every student entrusted to our care is formed to be a saint and a scholar.
There is no better time to assess those goals than at our high school graduations each spring. It is impossible to avoid being moved by watching the next generation of leaders beginning to put their faith and education into action, and to hear of their awards, accolades and acceptances to top colleges, seminaries and service academies.
It is easy to quantify these academic successes, but it would be a mistake to simply push the idea of the outstanding ACT and SAT college-readiness scores that far exceed state and local averages, or to rely on scholarship dollars and ivy- league acceptances as the only important metrics for our high schools and for our students. The most inspiring aspect of graduation is that when our valedictorians give their remarks and addresses, not a single one of them pointed to her or his double-digit acceptances to college, or ACT scores, or grades, or service hours. They talk about friendships, teachers, mentors, personal growth, encounters with God, and authentic experiences of serving others.
Every student in our Catholic high schools will receive an academically excellent education; however, it is the preparation for life beyond college that sets these four years apart.
We couldn’t be more excited that your family is considering taking the next steps on the journey to college and heaven in one of our Catholic high schools. Know of our prayers for you as you make this most important decision.
Matthew T. Vereecke, Ed.D.
  Dr. Veronica Alonzo Associate Superintendent

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