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PreK3-12th Grade

·         The teacher in a Regnum Christi School has the mission of integrally forming (academically, humanly, spiritually, and apostolically) the students to whom he/she gives classes.

·         The teacher is to teach one or more of the subjects of the approved Regnum Christi School program of education to his/her students. The teacher encourages, assesses, monitors, and records the progress of individual students.

·         The teacher fosters a love for learning with his/her students, nurturing their appreciation for values and culture on the national and universal levels, awakening the intellectual, artistic, and human abilities of the students in their care; and stimulating their desire to learn and research through an appealing, dynamic way of transmitting knowledge.

·         The teacher creates and maintains an effective learning environment for his/her students. Each teacher must know, assimilate, and fully practice the ideals, principles, and teaching methodology of the school. Teachers must carry out their work professionally and with a spirit of initiative, creating an environment of confidence and respect.

·         The teacher should give witness as authentic Christian and human being both through his/her words and through his/her works. He/she should be responsible and faithful to his commitments inside and outside the school.


The Music school teacher should meet the following qualifications:

·         Music education degree or related bachelors from a fully accredited university.

·         Experience in music education

·         Ability to provide accurate appropriate vocal model for young singers

·         Ability to accompany singers on one or more instruments including piano or guitar

·         Ability to teach the structure of music, the performance of vocal and instrumental music through creativity in music through composing and improvising at the developmental level appropriate for each grade of elementary school.

·         Ability to communicate with students, school staff, parents, and community members in, about and through music.


·         Provide a grade appropriate instructional music education program to lower and middle school students.

·         Organizing two annual concerts where classes at each grade level sing hymns or melodies appropriate for the occasion.

·         Planning, preparing, and delivering lessons to a range of classes

·         Exercising students in the development of their intellectual skills and abilities

·         Motivating students to continual personal improvement

·         Marking work and giving timely and appropriate feedback; communicating any issues to parent and your supervisor

·         Maintaining constant supervision and discipline among the students in their care inside and outside the classroom

·         guidelines: an effective and formative learning environment within the classroom according to school guidelines; monitoring classroom and school environment to ensure that it remains clean, safe and in good condition

·         Maintaining appropriate records of student progress and development, including report cards; recommending students for awards

·         Keeping up to date with developments in his/her subject area and new resources and methods; devising and writing new materials in support of the approved curriculum

·         Selecting and using a range of different learning resources and equipment appropriate for achieving student formation objectives

·         Devising and adapting resources to suit the formation needs of his/her students; assisting students with learning and behavior difficulties to overcome their difficulties; supporting students, one-on-one, through academic or personal difficulties

·         Preparing students for standardized tests; administering and invigilating tests

·         Assisting in the preparation and coordination of classroom-based and school-wide celebrations, activities, academic contests, and formation programs

·         Managing student behavior in the classroom and on school grounds, applying appropriate and effective motivational discipline measures in cases of inappropriate behavior; informing the Dean of Student Life in a timely manner of any student behavior infractions.

·         Supervising and supporting the work of any assigned teacher assistant; mentoring any assigned teachers

·         Fulfilling student supervision duties as assigned, directing student transitions between classes in a silent and orderly manner

·         Participating in and organizing extracurricular programs and activities as assigned; motivating students to actively participate

·         Participating in regular one-on-one, grade-level and departmental meetings; participating in parent/teacher meetings, parents conference, etc. as directed by your supervisor

·         Making continual progress in personal professional growth and development; actively participating in all school sponsored training activities

·         Liaising with other professionals including the dean of student life, dean of discipline, dean of academic affairs, formation team leaders

Reporting Structure

·         The Music Teacher reports to the Lower/Middle School Principal.


Please send cover letter and resume to Patricia Hagerty, Human Resources Coordinator at [email protected].