2023-2024 Teacher – 2nd Grade


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PreK3-12th Grade


                                     Teacher – 2nd Grade Role Description


·         The teacher in a Regnum Christi School has the mission of integrally forming (academically, humanly, spiritually, and apostolically) the students to whom he/she gives classes.

·         The teacher is to teach one or more of the subjects of the approved Regnum Christi School program of education to his/her students.  The teacher encourages, assesses, monitors, and records the progress of individual students.

·         The teacher fosters a love for learning with his/her students, nurturing their appreciation for values and culture on the national and universal levels, awakening the intellectual, artistic, and human abilities of the students in their care; and stimulating their desire to learn and research through an appealing, dynamic way of transmitting knowledge.

·         The teacher creates and maintains an effective learning environment for his/her students. Each teacher must know, assimilate, and fully practice the ideals, principles, and teaching methodology of the school.  Teachers must carry out their work professionally and with a spirit of initiative, creating an environment of confidence and respect.

·         The teacher should give witness as authentic Christian and human being both through his/her words and through his/her works.  He/she should be responsible and faithful to his commitments inside and outside the school.


The 2nd schoolteacher should meet the following qualifications:

·         University education degree, with post-graduate degree preferred

·         Valid teaching license

·         Minimum of two years’ teaching experience

·         Demonstrated leadership and teamwork capabilities

·         Excellent communication and organizational skills

·         Skill for transmitting knowledge and to stimulate a desire to learn in students

·         Proficiency in using Microsoft Office products and MS Outlook and Google suite.

·         Excellent social qualities

·         Firm and kind character

·         Capacity for managing groups

·         Practicing Catholic with an excellent moral reputation and apostolic zeal for working for the Church

·         Honest and faithful to the school

Reporting Structure

The 2nd grade schoolteacher will report to the Principal.