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PreK3-12th Grade

Job Title: Dean of Academic Affairs

Position Summary:
The Dean of Academic Affairs is a leadership position within the Highlands High School, responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, and evaluation of academic programs and ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning. The Dean of Academic Affairs plays a pivotal role in shaping the school’s educational vision and fostering a culture of academic excellence. This position requires a deep understanding of curriculum design, assessment strategies, and educational best practices.

1.  Curriculum Development and Oversight: Lead the development, review, and implementation of the High School’s curriculum, ensuring alignment with educational standards, school mission, and student needs using Curriculum Trac. Collaborate with faculty members to design engaging, rigorous, and relevant instructional materials, and resources. Monitor curriculum implementation, evaluate its effectiveness, and propose necessary adjustments to the principal.

2. Academic Program Evaluation: Assess the effectiveness of academic programs and initiatives, collecting and analyzing relevant data. Collaborate with faculty and lead teachers to identify areas for improvement, propose to the principal and implement approved strategies to enhance student learning outcomes. Stay abreast of current trends and research in education, integrating innovative practices into the school’s academic programs.

3.  Educational Standards and Compliance: Stay informed about local, state, and national educational standards, ensuring compliance and alignment in curriculum development and delivery. Monitor accreditation requirements and coordinate efforts to maintain or achieve accreditation status. Ensure that all academic practices adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines.

4. Student Assessment and Progress Monitoring: Oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive student assessment system, including formative and summative assessments, to measure student progress and achievement. Analyze assessment data to identify trends, strengths,

and areas for improvement. Collaborate with lead teachers and faculty to develop strategies for supporting struggling students and challenging high-achieving students.

5.  Student Support and Guidance: Collaborate with school formation members and counselors and other support staff to ensure a comprehensive student support system is in place. Provide guidance and assistance in developing academic interventions, enrichment programs, and student success initiatives. Monitor student progress, address academic concerns, and develop strategies to support individual student needs.

6.  Collaborative Leadership: Work closely with the High School principal, administrators, department chairs and other academic deans for lower and middle school, to align academic goals with the overall mission and vision of the school. Participate in leadership team meetings, provide input on school-wide decision-making, and contribute to the development of policies, procedures, and strategic planning initiatives.

7.  Academic program coordination: Coordinate standardized testing, program and activities including Advanced Placement, PSAT, SAT, ACT testing. This includes ordering materials, assigning proctors and mailing packets back to the College Board as needed. Act as a liaison between PSAT/SAT test prep professionals and the school. Coordinate consolidation of textbook materials needed by each course offering. End of Year academic awards ceremony coordination.

8.  Academic offerings: In coordination with The Highlands School College counselor, propose academic course offerings, develop course selection for students, generate class schedule and enroll students in courses. Keep accurate records of students’ academic progress toward meeting graduation requirements.

9.  Student Intervention Team-Act as lead in collecting supportive documentation from families, coordinating the student intervention team meetings, and communicating the schools’ decisions to the families requesting accommodations. The student intervention team is composed of the Dean of Formative Discipline, the principal and Lead teacher. The Dean of academic affairs is responsible for accurately processing accommodations for students needing it through the College Board and other external organizations in a timely manner.

10.  Other duties such as:
•         Maintaining confidentiality.

•         Coordinating Parent Teacher Conference

•         Picture day coordination

•         High School student activities scheduling (consolidate and inform)

•         Region 10 Liaison

•         Curriculum Track Administrator for the High School

•         Ren Web Administrator for the High School

•         Propose updates to Academic sections of the handbook as needed through the year to the principal. Implement approved suggestions.

•         Run Reports as needed to support adequate decision making including extracurricular eligibility, etc.

•         Create special schedules such as all school mass schedule, semester exams, half days etc.

•         School registrar duties include completing transcript requests and VOE.

•         Master’s degree in education, Curriculum and Instruction, or a related field

•         Minimum of five years of experience in educational leadership, preferably in a high school setting.

•         In-depth knowledge of curriculum development, instructional design, and assessment practices.

•         Strong understanding of educational standards, accreditation processes, and compliance requirements.

•         Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire faculty, fostering a positive, collaborative culture.

•         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build relationships with faculty, staff, students, and parents.

•         Strong analytical and data-driven decision-making skills.

•         Knowledge of educational research, emerging trends, and innovative teaching practice

•         Familiarity with educational technologies and their integration into instruction.

•         Demonstrated commitment to professional development and staying current in education.


Please send cover letter and resume to Patricia Hagerty, Human Resources Coordinator, at [email protected].