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 Report to: School Principal

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt/Stipend

Work Year: 12-month duties in addition to Classroom responsibilities/duties Work Day/Hours: Varies; including nights and weekends.

General Summary of the Position

The athletic department of St. Pius X Catholic School is a vital part of the total educational system. The goal of the athletic department is to develop the talents of young men and women through competitive athletics while maintaining a strong sense of Christian morality. The objective of the SPX School Athletic Department is to provide athletic programs with an emphasis on Christian principles and good sportsmanship at the amateur level, while following the philosophy of the DPL and SPX School.

Essential duties and Responsibilities of the Position

 Supervises and. directs the extracurricular athletic program in a manner consistent with the mission statement, philosophy, and policies and procedures of the school and the Dallas Parochial ·

  1. Oversees the scheduling and maintenance of the practice field and
  2. Coordination responsibilities may include but are not limited to registration, tryouts/evaluations, setting practice schedules, assigning coaches, and uniform/equipment distribution and
  3. Ensure all volunteer coaches, parents, helpers, or other team representatives have completed the parish’s Safe Environment Program.
  4. Act as the School representative to the Dallas Parochial League (grades 5-8). Ensure that participating teams adhere to all DPL policies and procedures. Attend quarterly DPL meetings and encourage SPX students to participate in all DPL programs…football, volleyball, cheerleading, volleyball, pep squad, tennis, cross country, swimming, track and field, softball, baseball, and the DPL golf
  5. Encourage DPL student-athletes to apply for the DPL scholarship and ensure that all volunteer coaches attend the DPL Play like a Champion
  6. Ensure that all student-athletes participating in DPL athletics are eligible to compete. Maintain a file of copies of all sports
  7. Maximize the safety of the student-athletes by ensuring that first aid kits are readily available and continually updated, and that volunteer coaches complete first-aid training as required by the diocese (where applicable).
  8. Update sports descriptions, athletic bulletin / newsletter and athletic section of the website on a regular
  9. Plan and prepare for annual sports
  10. Work with the 8th grade sponsors and provide scheduling info for the 5th grade pre­ season basketball tournament, volleyball, and basketball season
  11. Access and make purchases for equipment and uniform needs for all
  12. Ensure that student-athletes, volunteer coaches and parents are setting Christian examples, displaying good sportsmanship at all times and following the policies set forth by the school and the Dallas Parochial
  13. Meet with school Principal on a regular basis for updates/information.
  14. Provide Principal schedules/rosters of each sport and
  15. Follow monthly tasks provided. (AD Tasks)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

 Ability to handle high stress situations in a professional and calm manner.

  • Ability to multi-task and work independently .
  • Ability to communicate effectively with parents, coaches , students and other stakeholders.
  • Ability to problem-solve and provide conflict resolutions.
  • Maintain awareness of sensitivity/confidentiality of information of families and student athletes.
  • Ability to handle multiple schedules as pertains to each sport/grade, referees, and scorekeepers.
  • Ability to manage coaches, players. referees and scorekeepers.
  • Dependable, flexible and available to coaches/parents.

Education and Experience

  • Degree in Education (Elementary and/or Secondary with PE certification)
  • Experience and/or knowledge of Athletics
  • Experience and/or knowledge of Coaching

Special Requirements:

  • Catholic denomination

School Administration deems the right to amend job description in accordance with school needs.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to school principal, Rob Rogers, at [email protected]