Instructional Aide (3rd or 4th Grade)


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St. Rita has an immediate opening for a 3rd or 4th grade Instructional Aide. This is a newly added position.

In addition to following St. Rita Catholic School’s Classroom Teacher Responsibilities and Duties description, elementary (Grades 1-4) instructional aides agree to follow department-specific position expectations.

St. Rita Catholic School’s Elementary Program builds foundational academic competence through various elementary curricula  designed to differentiate students’ learning styles and knowledge and taught in a student-centered classroom. Elementary teachers seek to tap into their students’ natural curiosity with authentic, real-life experiences in an environment that encourages students to take risks and hone their voices. From the 1st through the 4th grade, the school’s progressive pedagogy builds a literacy framework – a language competency – that is a gateway to all forms of learning and understanding. Instructional Aides work intentionally with classroom teachers to develop fluency in elementary mathematics, religion, and literature. Developing elementary knowledge, skills, and experiences serves our belief that the framework for understanding begins with a firm foundation.

St. Rita Catholic School offers our elementary students a balanced program both in literacy and math through the use of modified instructional block learning. Included in the literacy block are the following components: teacher read-aloud, shared reading, word study activities, guided reading, strategy groups, independent reading, modeled writing, shared writing, and independent writing. Included in the math literacy block are the following components: conceptual understanding, fluency, problem-solving, reasoning, and an understanding of concepts and skills that translates through St.Rita’s School Mathematics Program.

The self-contained teachers and instructional aides in grades one through three will also provide instruction in religion, social studies, and science. The fourth-grade team utilizes a departmental approach, with each teacher instructing religion to a specified homeroom and then instructing literacy, math, social studies, and science on a rotating basis to all the fourth-grade students.

Instructional aides collaborate with their team teachers to lower classroom ratios and to lead small groups, individual students, and whole classes in delivering instruction as the grade-level team teachers design it. Instructional aides and teachers collaborate
within their teaching teams to deliver scaffolded and differentiated learning experiences for fluid groups of students in both English language arts and math from the first through the fourth grades. Instructional aides are a vital component of our differentiated lesson plans.

If you have questions or would like to apply, please contact Mr. Michael Wixted –