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PK3-8th Grade

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Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Embracing the Gospel, Transforming Hearts and Minds


Smart Lab Facilitator-3rd through 8th Grade

Full Time Position, Exempt

Each teacher is charged with the goal of living and incorporating the St. Patrick School mission into all aspects of community and academic life. Under the direction of the school principal, the teacher implements by instruction, action, and example the school’s mission, philosophy, and vision of education, instructional goals and objectives. The teacher:

§      Provides a positive Christian role model for students through actions, words, and attitudes.

§      Participates and engages in the Virtues Based Restorative Discipline system at St. Patrick.

§      Systematically prepares and implements instruction based on diocesan curriculum and including relevant technology to support and differentiate instruction.

§      Prioritizes and implements social and emotional learning in classroom

§      Collaborates with colleagues in developing lesson plans and student success plans.

§      Engages in cross curricular instruction to promote grade level year-long service-learning projects.

§      Maintains accurate and complete records as required by law, diocesan policy or administrative regulations.

§      Communicates expectations for students’ academic performance to parents and students.

§      Uses technology to enhance instruction of students.

§      Helps to provide a safe and orderly environment with clear discipline directives.

§      Meets all requirements of the teacher contract.

§      Fulfills all requirements for professional development

§      Abides by and enforces the procedures and directives in the Faculty Handbook, the Student/Parent Handbook and the Handbook of Policies and Procedures for Elementary and Secondary Schools.

§      Carries out additional duties, directives and school/diocesan policies as requested, including serving on school committees.

§      Facilitates full day usage of the SmartLab for students in grades 3-8. Smart Lab is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math learning environment where students will explore interests in robotics, circuitry, graphic design, engineering, video production, etc.

§      Provide opportunities for students to engage with technology and utilize problem solving skills and project based inquiry.


Be proficient in:

§      Instructional technology

§      Smart Lab Learning

Professional requirements:

§      Meet professional teacher education requirements of the Diocese of Dallas

§      Have a valid Teacher’s certificate and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Interested candidates, please email your resume to Lisa Hose, Assistant Principal, at [email protected]