~Teacher – Technology Part-Time

Fran Thompson

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Elementary PreK4-Grade 8

Job Summary:

The Catholic school teacher respects Catholic values and aids students in Christian formation by exemplifying Catholic living, both in and out of the classroom.  Because Catholic schools educate their students to promote the kingdom of God, it is important that all teachers are role models for students exemplifying Catholic teachings and values in their lives and in their actions.

The teacher is accountable to the principal to provide education to the grades and/or subjects assigned, to implement the St. Joseph Catholic School philosophy, to follow the policies of St. Joseph Catholic School and the Diocese of Dallas, and adheres to the directives set by the St. Joseph Catholic School administration.


Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Cultivates a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning

·       Practices positive, consistent discipline in the management of the classroom

·       Provides appropriate material and resources for students to engage in learning

·       Incorporates technology to effectively create a 21st century learning environment within the classroom

·       Teaches assigned subjects

·       Leads daily prayer and participates in school liturgies

·       Assists students as needed and provides additional support as needed

·       Supervises areas as assigned

·       Communicates professionally and in a timely manner with parents/guardians regarding academic, behavioral or safety concerns

·       Plans school liturgies or special programs as requested

·       Plans for instruction with logically sequenced objectives, based on adopted curriculum and submitted according to school policy

·        Evaluates and grades students’ work

·       Cooperates with the principal and staff in the planning and development of curriculum

·       Performs duties as requested by the principal

·       Maintains confidentiality regarding school matters

·       Teacher will be competent in both in-person and distance learning teaching models

Record Keeping Duties:

·       Maintains grades and prepares for grade reports

·       Records daily attendance of students

·       Creates and submits lesson plans as requested

·       Completes all required forms and reports

Meetings and Organizations:

·       Attends all faculty and in-service meetings

·       Attends other meetings as needed

·       Takes a role in at least one extracurricular activity for students

Job Specifications:

·       Actively engages in professional development


Job Qualifications:

·       Practicing Catholic (if assigned to teach religion)

·       Current teaching certification

·       Completion of background check and Safe Environment prior to employment

·       Previous teaching experience preferred but not necessary

Contact Fran Thompson, Principal via email [email protected] with letter of interest and resume.