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St. Elizabeth of Hungary/ Diocese of Dallas

St. Elizabeth is seeking a part time SMARTLab facilitator for grade 4-8. A SmartLab is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math learning environment where students will explore interests in robotics, circuitry, graphic design, engineering, video production, etc.

Educational Requirements:
The candidate must have an undergraduate degree.


Technological Experience and Knowledge:
Candidates must not be intimidated by new technology and assist students in solving technological problems through the use of problem Candidates are expected to know:
• Basic desktop navigation on a Macintosh and Windows Computer
• Save, transfer, and print files over a computer network
• Use word processing software (MS Word, Google Docs, etc.)
• Basic use of the internet as a technical support tool

Candidates are expected to learn:
• A variety of application software packages and their purpose in the learning environment
• Understand how to backup and restore data files
• Management of the environment file server and student accounts
• Creating back-ups of student work
• Use of Google Drive


Professional Characteristics:
• Positive attitude
• High-energy level
• Creative & Comfortable Promoting Innovation
• A genuine interest in the progress of their students
• Excellent classroom management in an environment where learning is highly individualized and many different learning activities are taking place simultaneously
• Excellent organizational skills
• Ability to communicate effectively with administration, students, parents, the community, and industry.
• Encourages true cross-curriculum integration through collaboration with instructors of other disciplines

Contact: Jennifer Borth, Principal, [email protected]