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Teacher Assistant

Job Description:

Communication and Cooperation


·                 Communicates clearly and concisely with students in speech they can understand.

·                  Shares information with teachers and other staff.

·                  Follows directions as requested by teacher or administrator.

·                  Works cooperatively with classroom teacher and follows curriculum.


Instructional Skills


·                  Demonstrates understanding of subject being taught.

·                  Gives appropriate corrective feedback. Assures that student engagement is high.

·                  Assists with classroom preparation and preparation of instructional materials.

·                  Utilizes the computer for instructional and clerical purposes.


Dealing with student behavior


·                  Reinforces appropriate behavior using positive discipline procedures.

·                  Treats students fairly and equitably.

·                  Respects individual student differences and treats student accordingly.

·                  Maintains order with flexibility when supervising students.


Personal Growth


·                  Shows interest and motivation for learning new skills through attendance at workshops or outside reading.

·                 Attends staff meetings and volunteers to participate on committees.


Professional Attitude and Performance


·                  Supports and follows established administrative policies and directives.

·                  Discreet in discussing school matters in public (confidentiality)

·                  Displays loyalty to the school and community.

·                  Performs all duties assigned in a timely manner.

·                  Arrives to school on time and exercises good judgment in absences from work.

·                  Maintains good rapport with colleagues and staff.

·                  Treats all students with respect and dignity and assists them in developing a positive self-concept.

·                  Demonstrates to the school community an example of Christian witness, real pride, confidence, and conviction in the teaching profession.


Upper school TAs are required to go off campus. Must be minimum 25 years old.

·                  Must have good driving record.

·                  Must be comfortable driving students in school vehicles.

·                  Maintains confidentiality and professionalism when off campus.

·                  Follows job coach expectations (attachment available)


Salary range based on qualifications. Full time benefits package includes employee health, dental, vision, and retirement plans.

If interested, please send resume to:

Carmen Fernandez, Principal, [email protected], (214)  720-3911