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Bishop Dunne Catholic School is seeking an experienced Guidance Counselor to join our diverse learning community. The position will be for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Job Requirements:
The candidate will be a dedicated professional who understands the joys and demands of working with middle and high school students.

Education/Experience Requirements:
Qualifications include: A Master’s degree from an accredited university and a valid Texas school counseling certificate. The ideal candidate will also have the credentials to teach a dual-credit course in the EDUC department of Dallas College. The candidate must have strong interpersonal communications skills and solid technology skills for use in instructional and professional tasks.

General Duties:  Implement a comprehensive school counseling program that incorporates both direct and indirect student services.

• School Counseling Core Curriculum (instruction and group activities)
• Individual Student Planning (appraisal and advisement)
• Responsive Services (short-term counseling and crisis response)

• Consultation
• Collaboration
• Referrals

FLSA Classification: ☒ Exempt ☐ Non-Exempt
Work Status: ☒ Full Time ☐ Part Time ☐ Temporary
Work Classification: 12-month employee (year-round)
Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, summer hours as scheduled

Reports to: Dean of Students
Specific Duties:
Emotional Support of Students
The Guidance Counselor will:
• Respond in a timely manner to referrals and requests for emotional support or intervention;
• Provide consultation to administration team, teachers and parents when behavioral or emotional issues negatively impact the academic environment or the community;
• Provide emotional counseling to students on an as needed basis:
• Conduct individual sessions with students and/or families when there is a crisis situation;
• Assist families in the activation of community and family resources in an effort to achieve or restore support for the student in the academic arena;
• Assist in student transition after hospitalization;
• Provide support, intervention, and consultation with reference to innovative behavior management and learning techniques;
• Provide support, intervention, and consultation with reference to crisis situations; and
• Provide support, intervention, and consultation with reference to crisis situations within the Diocese, particularly at other Catholic high schools.
• Respond and document all Sexual Harassment complaints by students. Will contact both sets of parents and give a written report to the President and the Dean of Students.

College Preparation
The Guidance Counselor and Director of the Collegiate Institute will:
• Assist Director of College Guidance in developing, monitoring, and providing programs and events that support a college preparatory environment across all
grade levels;
• Serve as Director of the Collegiate Institute
• Teach a dual credit course: EDUC;
• Coordinate dual credit programs and serve as the liaison with Dallas College;
• Coordinate TSI testing options;
• Support the enrollment of students in the dual credit program; Coordinate and support the summer course selection for students in dual credit courses
• Foster and maintain a positive working relationship with Dallas College.

The Guidance Counselor will:
• Coordinate course selection process;
• Assist with course selections including meeting with students, entering course requests, changing schedules, and adding new classes; and
• Authorize and supervise schedule changes for students.

Academics and Testing
The Guidance Counselor will:
• Organize and administer the PSAT, IOWA, and AP exams.
• Analyze testing data and share with teachers and administrators;
• Attend and assist with the planning of parent evenings;
• Assist the Admissions/Retention Committee by attending meetings, and conducting admission interviews, ;
• Assist and provide support for Social/Emotional Learning classes (i.e., Freshman Seminar) when needed; and
• Provide transcripts to students, alumni, employment verification companies, and recruiters.

Learning Differenced Students
The Guidance Counselor will:
• Review learning accommodations with director of learning resources who monitors the direct implementation of services for learning differenced students;
• Assist with coordination between teachers, administration, parents and students in the implementation of accommodations;


The Guidance Counselor will:
• Enhance and promote a warm user-friendly Christian environment of service provision in accordance with the needs of the student body;
• Be available and easily accessible to any student in need of emotional support and/or counseling;
• Serve as mediator in behavioral disputes or conflict resolution among students;
• Serve as mediator in behavioral disputes or conflict resolution between students, parents, and /or teachers; and
• Support school activities, events and students through attendance and encouragement.

The Guidance Counselor will:
• Provide, evaluate, and utilize appropriate data as a driving force for making decisions.
• Communicate effectively with teachers, parents and students in a timely and relevant manner;
• Respond to all communication within 24 hours of receipt;
• Serve as a support and team member in providing assistance to other Bishop Dunne teams in pursuit of the overall goals, mission and objectives of Bishop
• Oversee credit recovery program;
• Serve as the point of contact for students who need to work on credit recovery in the summer
• Oversee student progress during summer for those working on credit recovery
• Make sure credits are updated after student completes credit recovery courses

All candidates must be able to pass background checks and comply with the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program. Candidates must be currently authorized to work in the United States.

Qualified candidates please send cover letter, resume and transcripts to Anna Lee Friesen, Human Resources, at