2023-2024 English Teacher (5-12)


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Cistercian Preparatory School

Description of the School and General Curriculum

Cistercian Preparatory School was founded with the aim of preparing talented boys for the colleges of their choice by challenging their minds with an excellent academic program, molding their characters through the values of Catholic education, and offering them guidance with both understanding and discipline.  As an outgrowth of Catholic monasticism, the School believes that individual growth in virtue and intellect is achieved in community.  Cistercian Preparatory School offers talented and motivated young men a supportive community as a formative pathway for developing their strengths and facing their weaknesses for the good of their whole person, of the Church, and of the world.  The humble pursuit of academic excellence allows a particular academic discipline to become a source of truth and self-knowledge for both the individual and the community.

Cistercian operates both a Middle (grades 5-8) and an Upper (grades 9-12) School, but the faculty is fully integrated: the same departments and teachers provide instruction for both divisions.  The curriculum is an eight-year, all-honors program. All faculty in core subjects are expected to have or pursue at least a Master’s degree in their teaching field.  In both Middle and Upper School, all students of the same grade (about 44 students in each) take the same advanced courses.  Students are thus required to complete four years each of the core classes of theology, English, social studies, math, and laboratory science and three years of foreign language.  Cistercian is also dedicated to integrating study of fine arts into the humanities curriculum.

Another outgrowth of monastic stability (and long tenure of lay faculty) is a thoughtful and deliberate approach to curricular adaptation.  For example, the School is committed to integrating educational technology into its classical approach (and recently finished a complete renovation of the Science Building) but it has consistently reaffirmed its choice not to follow the current educational trend of a one-to-one, student-to-tablet program.  Within the curriculum itself, the School has initiated several improvements in recent years.  For example, the School has adapted its elective program for the senior year, transforming it into an Honors Senior Seminar/Project.  The first semester is intended as a broad exploration of ideas and the spring semester acts as an opportunity for more directed individual research and writing, culminating in a public presentation.  Also, while the humanities curriculum is generally traditional, each year teachers from English, history and languages work together to plan field studies off campus, visiting local performances and/or art shows to connect them to the material within class. These are not simply trips for fun; students study the subject matter ahead of time and close the loop on the experience afterwards through hands-on projects or written work.  And this year we are the host for an annual high school interscholastic colloquium.  Students from area schools will spend a day on campus this spring presenting their papers on Much Ado About Nothing, as inspired by the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s First Folio (1623).  The School also conducts an annual literary competition and produces each year an award winning literary/art magazine, Reflections.

Cistercian students produce standardized test scores in line with their talents and education.  Average SAT scores are approximately 1430, and ACT scores average approximately 32.  Cistercian offers no AP classes, preferring its own curriculum to that of the College Board, but many students choose to take AP exams independently.  Of those taking AP Exams, 76% earn scores of 4 or higher, and over 92% of those taking AP Tests score 3 or higher.

English Teacher

Cistercian is seeking a dynamic, energetic, and experienced teacher with the ability to inspire and motivate both students and colleagues while working to fulfill Cistercian’s vision for its English program.  Ideally, this individual will teach both a Middle and an Upper School English course.  A strong candidate will be someone who connects well with talented and gifted students while demonstrating his/her own desire for excellence and passion for continued learning.  Of particular importance is a passion for guiding students not just in the analysis of literary themes, but in improving written and oral communication skills.

Responsibilities as a Teacher:

·         Design and teach two courses in English within the School’s curriculum with the possibility of offering enrichment electives. Balanced instruction includes grammar, composition, and literature.

·         Evaluate and grade students’ daily class work and homework.

·         Compose, administer, and grade student examinations.

·         Perform appropriately frequent and accurate assessments of students’ progress.

·         Communicate effectively and punctually with administrators, colleagues, students, and parents.

·         Keep abreast of developments in the academic field and within language arts education by reading professional literature, talking with colleagues, and/or participating in appropriate professional development activities, etc.

·         Provide curricular and extracurricular support for student activities related to language arts pursuits including literary contests, student publications, and student participation in literary conferences.

·         Participate in campus and community events.

Skills and Experience:

·         Master’s Degree or beyond in teaching field preferred.

·         At least 5 years teaching experience preferred.

·         Effective written and verbal communication skills.

Salary and Benefits:

·         Commensurate with experience and education level.