Admissions/Communications Director


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Independent Catholic School, All Boys, Grades 5 - 12

Description of the School

Cistercian Preparatory School is rooted in the life and spirit of Catholic monasticism.  It offers talents and motivated young men challenging programs within a supportive community, allowing them to develop their strengths and face their weaknesses in preparation for college and life beyond, all for the good of the whole person in service to God and neighbor. As a Catholic monastic school, Cistercian believes that individual growth in virtue and intellect is best achieved within the context of a community and that it should serve to strengthen the community as well as the individual. A humble pursuit of academic and/or professional excellence allows a given particular academic discipline or task to become a source of truth and self-knowledge for both the individual and the community.

Cistercian operates both a Middle (grades 5-8) and an Upper (grades 9-12) School. The curriculum is an eight-year, all-advanced honors program. Thus, in both Middle and Upper School, all students of the same grade (about 44 students in each) take the same full load of advanced courses from the same teachers. As a gifted-talented program, Cistercian students produce standardized test scores in line with their talents and education. Average SAT scores are approximately 1430, and ACT scores approximately 32. Cistercian offers no AP classes, preferring its own curriculum to that of the College Board, but many students choose to take AP exams independently. Of those taking AP Exams, 76% earn scores of 4 or higher, and over 92% of those taking AP Tests score 3 or higher.

Director of Admissions and Communications

The Admissions/Communications Director is responsible for representing and marketing the School to parents, prospective parents and the community at large in order to attract talented, motivated, and mission-aligned students. This includes managing the entire admissions process from initial inquiry to enrollment to integration into the School.

The Admissions/Communications Director is responsible for all admissions events and coordinating event details including promotion, content, set up, refreshments, etc.

The Admissions/Communications Director leads and oversees all marketing material including print material, online advertisements, website, social media, and all school wide communication, excluding communication directed just to the alumni community and the School’s bi-annual magazine, The Continuum.


·         Bachelor’s Degree or beyond

Personal Qualities:

•        Understanding of and agreement with the mission, philosophy and pedagogy of the School

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to articulate effectively the School’s mission and vision in a compelling way

•        Creative, flexible, and strategic thinker with attention to detail for analyzing data, identifying trends, and innovating admissions and retention efforts

•        Able to keep sensitive information about applicants/families completely confidential

•        Motivated by interacting with people and comfortable with initiating conversation

•        Able to sustain high level of activity over extended periods

Skills and Experience:

•        Proven experience in admissions and marketing roles, preferably in an independent school setting

•        Demonstrated success in developing and implementing marketing strategies in admissions

•        Strong understanding of enrollment management principles and best practices

•        Experience with digital marketing, social media management, and content creation

•        Familiarity with enrollment management software (the School uses FACTS and Blackbaud)

Job Responsibilities and Details

Admissions Strategy

•        Build network of relationships with key outside institutions or groups (e.g., schools, churches, civic associations) throughout North Texas for promoting the School to attract mission-aligned students

•        Collaborate with School leadership to establish data-driven enrollment goals and develop comprehensive and strategic plans to achieve them

•        Oversee the development and implementation of appropriate admissions testing and decision-making processes

Admissions Management
Manage the admissions process from inquiry to enrollment, ensuring a seamless and positive experience for prospective families by earning their respect and trust and providing a positive influence in their decision-making process, including:

•        Following up with inquiries and drawing applicants to visit the school

•        Scheduling and conducting tours and open houses

•        Coordinating and participating in recruitment and re-recruitment events

•        Following up with visitors and encouraging them to apply

•        Guiding families through the admissions process

•        Coordinating admissions testing

•        Securing and tracking necessary documentation for applications

•        Communicating admissions decisions to applicants and encouraging them to enroll

•        Working with new families to integrate them into the School community

•        Coordinating and managing the re-enrollment process

•        Data management regarding admissions, enrollment, withdrawals, inquiries, applicants, and

attrition; maintaining statistics on a daily basis

•        Coordinating an annual creative process review for improvement

Marketing & Communications (with Advancement Director)

•        Develop and implement marketing and family retention plan

•        Research and initiate opportunities to attract new students through networking and marketing

•        Develop and implement efforts toward public relations for Cistercian

•        Oversee School’s website and social media presence

Salary and Benefits

·         Commensurate with experience and education level


Reporting Relationship

·         Reports directly to the Headmaster, works with other lead administrators and staff