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As members of Christ the King Catholic School, we will reverence Christ, respect others, and

Educate the hearts, minds, and spirits to become future servant leaders.


Christ the King Catholic School

Christ the King Catholic School (CKS) serves students in PreK through 8th grade. CKS is located in the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Texas. The school mission permeates the campus, as faculty, students, and families build on a tradition of academic excellence and the formation of the whole student. The focus of academic excellence, spiritual growth, and social-emotional well-being is based on meeting the needs of each individual student. CKS has a longstanding commitment to the Dallas community, which is evident by its longevity. CKS was founded in 1947 and continues to promote community service, stewardship, and kinship within the Dallas community, nationally, and internationally.


Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Personnel Responsibilities
1.             Work with the Principal regarding contracted salary amounts, based on approved budget forms.

2.             Communicate annual diocesan benefit information to employees.

3.             Be responsible for updating W-4s.

4.             Be responsible for submitting payroll to vendor.

5.             Be responsible to have all reports done on their due dates.

6.             Work with Christ the King Catholic School’s Parent Association, Committees, and other organization associated with the school.

Accounting Responsibilities
7.             Prepare an annual budget for the school after receiving input from the President, Principal, and School Advisory Council.

8.             Maintain income and expense records for all school departments including budgeted categories, as well as additional income sources.

9.             Maintain income and expense records for all fundraising functions.

10.         Be responsible for the preparation of the monthly budget reports for the President, Principal, and School Advisory Council.

11.         Respond promptly to payment requests from outside vendors for services rendered or products purchased.

12.         Monitor the accuracy of accounts payable requests for the school.

13.         Respond to other requests by the Principal regarding financial matters and/or personnel plans.

14.         Work with school personnel to evaluate proposed lease options for equipment purchases.

15.         Input income from tuition, registration fees, etc./work with FACTS regarding tuition.

16.         Prepare diocesan reports and other financial reports requested, as well as outside credit applications/forms.

17.         Check all bank statement and bring any irregularities to the attention of the President and Principal.

18.         Prepare for annual financial review/audit.

Professional Growth & Personal Skills

19.  Participate in the Diocese of Dallas Association of Parish Business Managers and other relevant financial organizations to keep informed of pertinent financial plans, policies, and legal issues.

20.  Demonstrate professionalism, good decision making skills, and efficient work practices.

21.  Demonstrate enthusiasm for acquiring and sharing new skills, strategies, and resources to improve overall community effectiveness.

Bachelor Degree in Accounting; CPA preferred

If interested, please contact Lisa Bosco [email protected]