2023-2024 Teacher – STEM (K-8)

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Santa Clara Catholic Academy is seeking a STEM Facilitator. The STEM is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math learning environment where students explore interests in robotics, circuitry, graphic design, engineering, video production, coding etc.

Position Expectations:

STEM b classes will be open to students from grades K to 8. Students work in pairs on self-paced, multi-stage, engagements with specific deliverables required for completion.

The STEM facilitator will
• Coach students on the use of lab hardware and software, guide students through completion of the projects, and grade completed projects based on developed rubrics.
• Be an advocate of the program and will work with faculty members, students, and parents on the capabilities and use of the SmartLab.
• Aid in the research, implementation, training, and support of instructional technology in the Lab.
• The facilitator is not expected to know all of the STEM technology before starting the position. There will be a training period and ongoing support for the facilitator on both the technology and the curriculum.
• Aid in the definition and future scope of this new program.

Educational Requirements:
The ideal candidate would have an undergraduate degree in education or science or work experience in the field. Experience with problem/project-based learning and/or STEM education is preferred.

Technological Experience and Knowledge:
Candidates must not be intimidated by new technology and must be able to help students figure out the answers to technology questions.

Candidates are expected to know:

Basic desktop navigation on a Windows Computer
• Save, transfer, and print files over a computer network
• Use word processing software (MS Word, Google Docs, etc.)
• Basic use of the internet as a technical support tool

Candidates are expected to learn:
• A variety of application software packages and their purpose in the learning environment
• Install and configure software on the Windows operating platform
• Operating system setup and management
• Understand how to backup and restore data files
• Management of the environment file server and student accounts
• Creating back-ups of student work
• Use of Google Drive

Professional Characteristics:
• Positive attitude
• High-energy level
• Creative & Comfortable Promoting Innovation
• Love of learning
• A genuine interest in the progress of their students
• Be comfortable ceding responsibility for learning to their students
• Understand how to coach and challenge each student
• Excellent classroom management in an environment where learning is highly individualized and many different learning activities are taking place simultaneously
• Excellent organizational skills
• Comfortable with the fact that sometimes the students will know more about a topic and open to learning from the students
• Ability to communicate effectively with administration, students, parents, the community, and industry.
• Ability to handle visits from tour groups of all kinds, including news media
• Encourages true cross-curriculum integration through collaboration with instructors of other disciplines
• Progressive. Strive to improve and upgrade the program to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Grows with the changes and adapts the environment as technology improves.

Personal Qualities:Santa Clara Catholic Academy actively seeks candidates who possess strong interpersonal skills that allow one to work effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and administration. He/she should be a self-directed individual who is flexible and possesses a sense of humor, enthusiasm for learning, and a love for teaching as well as a good understanding of adolescent personalities. The ability to maintain positive and professional communication with students, parents, and colleagues along with active participation in the life of the school is essential.

If interested, please fill out the online application, notate the school and position you are applying for and contact Lora Watson at lwatson@santaclaraacademy.org